3 Most Favourite Wedding Photos


Today I want to share with you my 3 most favourite wedding photos I have taken to date. I love each image for totally different reasons and I want to share them with you as they all have a special place in my heart. 

Photo No.1


This image melts my heart every time I see it. Yes it might not be the most 'traditional' wedding photo and yes I am aware the groom is in jeans BUT this photo is bursting with the most amount of love I have ever experienced. People don't usually get why I love this photo as much as I do but it is all down to the couples story. Long story short....these 2 beautiful people live in Manhattan and one afternoon they got married in City Hall. They then had to have another 'wedding' as the family were all so jealous they couldn't be there! Understandably! The setting was beautiful, Chaple Down Vineyards in Kent and the couple were even more beautiful. Inside as well as out! The photo itself speaks volumes about how happy and content they are as a couple and this is a prime example of if you know the story behind the photo makes it more fabulous and heart warming! You guys are awesome!

Photo No.2


Now this photo is all about the use of colour! I have an unhealthy obsession with bright colours within my images and this bride is giving me enough colour to last a lifetime! I love the neutral tones of the surrounding guests and church wall and it contrasts so well against the brides beautiful bouquet and headband which are exceptional. The pure excitement of the bride also makes my heart melt and this image is what I would describe as pure happiness. I feel as if I have captured such a happy moment in time and the colours pop and make it eye catching.

Photo No.3


Right lets go a little bit more traditional here for the finale.....usually I am not a massive fan of black and white photos but this shot lends itself perfectly to it. This image is classical and timeless and I have frozen the relaxed atmosphere within this image. This wedding itself was the most chilled out and calm I've ever done and this image also captures a moment that not even the bride is aware of. It's tranquil and shows bridal prep at its finest which is a very important part of the day that not all brides think about. It's a time to be with your girls and this NEEDS to be documented.