Liz & Iain- Swallows Oast, Ticehurst, Kent

Everyone who me knows I am a total emotional wreck then it comes to weddings (sorry but I will cry when you walk down the aisle) but this day took it to a whole other level.  

I am truly honoured to have spent the day around these amazing people. They made me feel part of the day from start to finish and even beyond! Liz and Iain are both such funny and beautiful people inside and out.

After a very emotional and hot ceremony they partied the night away with some of the most entertaining extras to their day. Magician, caricaturist, cocktails, mini golf and a bucking broncho. Yes you heard right a bucking broncho sheep! It was amazing. Liz had absolutely no idea so Iain got himself some good hubby points very early on! The day was simply beautiful from the flowers, to the bridesmaids and to the location. Swallows Oast is nestled in the Kent countryside just outside Ticehurst and it is the venue of dreams. Converted oast house surrounded by rolling hills...what more can you need? 

One last shout out to the utterly adorable Chloe. She made herself very comfy with Mum and Dad as they made their vows and it was so beautiful to have her as part of the day. Even though by the end she was covered in mud and pen (sign of a good day if you ask me). I will treasure this day for a long time and I have made friends from these wonderful girls! 

Emma x